At Dawg House Gym Charleston WV we train full contact fighters and combat athletes to reach their full potential and to preform to the best of their ability.

Or you can come train to get in great shape and learn to kick a lil butt in the process, you don't have to be a pro fighter to train at Dawg House Gym.

We are all Friends and Family at the Dawg House Gym. We have very knowledgeable, experienced, and professional Coaches that will cover anything and everything you could be training for. Maybe you just want to get in shape, tone up, or lose some weight. we can help you look and feel great...Just tell us your goals, were here to help..

If your training for a MMA fight, Boxing or Kickboxing match, any type of Wrestling or Jiujitsu tournament or competition we got you covered!

Come join the Team!   TEAM DAWG HOUSE

  • Experienced, Knowledgeable, Professional Coaches..
  • Boxing Ring, Wrestling Matts, Olympic Weights, Heavy Bags, Treadmills, all equipment needed to train a Combat Athlete..
  • Classes in MMA (Cage Fighting), Scientific Catch Wrestling (pin or submission), Boxing / Kickboxing (full contact), and Cardio Kickboxing (get in awesome shape)​




 Dawg House Gym wants to thank all united states military for your sacrifice and service .... respect!

Get to know our DHG Coaches...

Christopher Martindale Owner and Head Coach of the Dawg House Gym, Owner and Operator of WVAIW, and ABC certified MMA Referee for the state of WV. Over 30 years of MMA training, multiple black belts, apprentice Coach under Mark Hatmaker (retired fighter and competitor)

Mike Flowers Head Coach and Instructor of the Dawg House Gym. Head Referee of WVAIW, Over 30 years of MMA training, black belt, Head Coach under Mark Hatmaker. For 7 years he was one of The head wrestling coaches at Team Mahindra in St. Albans, WV and for 6 years the head Scientific Wrestling Instructor at the Fight Zone Gym. (retired fighter and competitor)

Coach Martindale and Coach Flowers have dedicated decades of their lives to training and studying martial arts, wrestling, and boxing. They have trained and competed in every type of combat sport and fighting style.

They will teach you the most functional and realistic techniques that work in full contact fighting, they are battle tested and proven over n over. With a big emphasis on the two solid foundations you need to be a well rounded fighter WRESTLING and BOXING. Get those two foundations and build the rest..

"Someone with only a year of training in BOXING and WRESTLING could easily defeat a martial artist of twenty years experience.   -Bruce Lee


You’ve made the decision to become the best fighter or combat athlete you can be, or maybe just change yourself and get in great shape. Come talk with a coach and let us know exactly what your wanting. Were here to help you along. We warmly welcome you to our facility and our expert staff and trainers would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you met them.

​DAWG HOUSE GYM FIGHTERS... We have some of the best, most talented, bad ass fighters, athletes and competitors to come out of West Virginia !!! This has been proven over and over through MMA Cage Fights, Boxing and Kickboxing Fights, Wrestling Matches and Jiujitsu tournaments.. We are always looking for another bad ass to join the team, so if you think you got what it takes come see us..  TEAM DAWG HOUSE